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Alpaca Wol Shawl / Chic Oversized Scarf, Grey Stripes

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Alpaca Scarf - Reversible alpaca shawl in authentic alpaca wool in grey and cream color This ultra soft knitted alpaca scarf is made of lush alpaca wool from the Andes and orlon blend. Versatile, you can wear it in many ways, it will always keep you warm! This cozy shawl's best feature is its comfortable feel and lightweight finish while being very warm. This beautiful shawl has a delicate pattern for a minimalist and modern look. Always in fashion, it goes well with most outfits and is perfect for the cold season or lounging at home.

This product is very versatile, it can be used as a scarf, a pashmina, shawl or an oversized scarf. The hunt is over, with this fashionable scarf you have found the ideal best friend gift ! The perfect unique gift for her or mom during this Holiday season.

Our Artisan Scarf Collection is handmade by the talented women of the Otavalo community in Ecuador. We celebrate our artisans partners ancestral craftmanship.

MODEL: Gray and cream ombré stripes Each color combination is designed in very limited numbers. All scarfs are ready to ship in 1-3 days !

Materials: 70 % Alpaca wool, 30 % recycled orlon

Shipping: From Montreal (Canada)
Origins: Otavalo Indigenous community, Andes (Ecuador)  

Seller: Art Andina