Hayden Haynes

"Living in Two Worlds" Carved Medallion on Moose Antler

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*** Commission - I can create something similar

The designs behind the fawn are celestial trees relating to the Haudenosuanee Creation Story. They are representations of the tree in the Skyworld that was uprooted (a subsequent hole was formed in which Skywoman fell through to the earth). Below the fawn are modern plant and flower representations.
I chose a fawn due to its youngness. It is said that when people are babies, they live more in tune with both the world as we see it as well as the sky/spiritual world. Babies can see and sense spiritual things that adults have sometimes grown away from even though they still exist. This is due in part to the presence of strong spirits that are with babies since they are new. So behind the fawn is the sky/spiritual world and underneath is the world as we most often see it.
The idea of living in two worlds is one that applies to many things outside of this context as well. The fawn also represents beauty and bravery. Bravery because in short time, the fawn is to take care of themselves and they possess excellent survival skills.

  • The piece is carved moose antler. 
  • The large blue round beads are cobalt wire wound trade beads. The other beads are "Dutch Donuts" (both from 1800's) and represent the Skyworld and waters. Green beads are vintage tri-cut from the 1930's. Again, coinciding with the two worlds (earth).
  • Size of medallion is 7 inches wide by 6 inches tall.
  • Weight: 2 lbs 

Shipped from: Perrysburg, New York (US)
Artist: Hayden Haynes