Bradly (Dreamwalker) MacDonald, Indigenous Artist from North Bay (Canada)

Bradly "Dreamwalker" Macdonald 

Born and presently residing in North Bay, Ontario, Bradly is an Algonquin artist whose work has been featured in galleries and exhibitions throughout Canada and the United States, showcasing his paintings and sculptures.

He is the only non-Cree Ambassador of Goodwill for the Medicine Elders of National Cree Confederacy across Canada and a recognized teacher of traditional medicines, as well as being an Elder with many tribes across Canada.

Bradly's work can be found in the permanent collections of the Vancouver Museum, Los Angeles' Southwest Museum (where Brad is also a lifetime mentor artist) and San Diego's Heritage of the America's Museum.

He has created public installations that include three life-size stone sculptures commissioned to honour the Elders at the Viejas Tribal Center and paintings at the Southern California Indian Center, the Indian Health Council and the Justice Center in San Diego.

Many of his original works can be found in the homes of well-known celebrities, actors, singers and lovers of indigenous art.


Stories & Inspiration Behind The Artwork

Bradly's art depicts many of the stories and traditions of indigenous culture that he feels passionate about sharing with people from all walks of life. He is a respected performance storyteller and has served as co-producer of The International Children's Day Parade with actor Danny Kaye for the 1986 World Expo in Vancouver where they received the endorsement of the United Nations. 

He has worked as a Project Consultant for the BC Film and Video Commission for the series 'Five Hundred Nations', a film by Project Canada and Warner Studios which starred Kevin Costner.

He was also a Project Designer for the Vancouver Museum's 'The Storyteller'.

Most recently he had his own art show installation in North Bay, Ontario where he was responsible for bringing in a major motion picture premiere as part of his installation at the Capitol Center and WKP Kennedy Gallery. 


Here is a video of Bradly carving totem pole by hand.

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