Seller Terms & Conditions

Artist (Seller) Representation Agreement / Terms & Conditions 

By listing your products for sale on, you agree with the following Terms & Conditions:

  • You confirm that you are either an Indigenous artist, organization or company producing or promoting authentic Indigenous products.
  • You agree to grant a non-exclusive right to promote and sell your artwork  online. 
  • You guarantee that your artwork is original authentic Indigenous artwork, and has not been purchased from non-Indigenous people.
  • We are looking for exceptional products - unique high-quality Indigenous art and crafts; products with the stunning high-resolution images; products that can be recreated or custom-made and that can be shipped worldwide. This means we will not accept all products, only those that fit our criteria.
  • Currently, there are no fees associated with listing your products on our site. 
  • We'll help you with the setup work - you just need to send us your product photos, prices and descriptions, as well as your bio and your photo.
  • We promote all products from this site through paid advertising campaigns and take 30% commission on sales. We pay all upfront marketing costs to advertise your products and we only get paid when you get paid. Learn more about our Sales Boost Program on marketplace.
  • When providing your product details to, artists (sellers) are required to specify their Minimum Listing Price (the lowest price for which they are willing to sell their artwork). However, depending on the market competition and the offers given by prospective buyers, the final selling price of their products could be higher than the listing price. In such cases, the commission for is calculated based on the Final Selling Price of the product.
  • We can not guarantee sales.
  • When your products are sold on this site, we'll let you know where you should ship them. 
  • Your money will be transferred to you through PayPal, eTransfer or through other channels as soon as we receive payments. 
  • This agreement can be terminated by either party without a notice. No commitments or penalties for breaking this agreement.