Bradly MacDonald

"Chief in The Urban Jungle" Stone Carving

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This deeply spiritual and powerful hand-carving depicts The Chief in the city, who is not in the nature anymore, so his feet are stuck in the concrete. He is holding a pipe and praying for nature to come back and also praying for his soul that was connected to the nature. This is how the life feels for a lot of Indigenous people that currently live in the city.

On the back of this carving you can see is a petroglyph of the creator, making the world with the spiral and the tree, saying "Everything in life is sacred". We have to answer for what we've done.

Materials: This carving is made of a one piece of stone.
Weight: ~15 lb
Height: 15 inches tall

Please note that when this item is sold, artist can create a similar or custom-made, but not identical carving. It will differ slightly from the photo. Also, please allow additional time for the product to be created. 

Bradly also creates personalized life-size (around 5'6') carvings upon request. He can dress them in a deer hide leather and add beadworks and semi-precious stones. It's called a "Dog Warrior" series. 

Shipped from: North Bay, Ontario, Canada
Artist: Bradly MacDonald (Dreamwalker)