Bradly MacDonald

"It's Snowing" Original Native Canadian Painting

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Original painting (Giclee prints are also available).

It's the story of us, of Indigenous people. People on the painting are suffering of 500 years of starvation and misrepresentation. The colored lines going into their bodies are the expressions of the spirit world. Everything in life is sacred and connected. The spirals are the universe, the milky way and it's also the first breath of life. It's also a journey we all have to take in life to find our true character.

You can hear Bradly talking about this painting during his interview with the Native Canadian Center of Toronto on Nov 17, 2020.

Each Bradly's painting comes with a "Certificate of Authenticity" and includes a story the behind the painting.

Materials: Mixed media, Oil and Acrylic with resin seal, 5 lb of glass beads and shards of mirror, archival quality.

Please note that when this item is sold out, I can create a similar or custom-made, but not identical painting. It will differ slightly from the photo. Also, please allow additional time for the product to be created. 

Shipped from: North Bay, Ontario, Canada
Artist: Bradly MacDonald (Dreamwalker)