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Tatanka hand drum

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This hand drum was hand-painted by an artist of the last name bluebird from South Dakota... We had a gift shop for a while and have some items left over from it this is one of them... It's a beautiful detailed painting of tatanka on the front and the sides are adorned with butterflies buffalo tracks etc see the photos... This is more of an ornamental drum than playing. Would look beautiful on the wall one of a kind.During the Ice Ages, much of the Earth’s seawater froze into glaciers, lowering sea level, and leaving dry land where there was once water. Shallow channels that separated land masses became grassy swales. One such “land bridge,” called Beringia, joined Siberia and Alaska. Archeologists theorize that the first people who came to this continent followed herds of horses, wooly mammoths, and ancient bison across this land bridge. When the ice ages ended, water filled in the low areas, again separating land masses.


rawhide wood acrylic paint