Vanessa Willow

"The Price of War", Original Native Painting #Sunflower #Ukraine #fundraiser

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~All proceeds from the sale of this painting will be donated to support Ukrainian refugees. #StandWithUkraine 

The sunflower, Ukraine's national flower, is becoming a symbol of resistance against the country's invasion by Russian forces. Its exuberant and lively form represents the antithesis of the destruction now being suffered by the Ukrainian people.

From the Artist:

I had a vision of her, the delicate spirit of the butterfly.
I experience a vision, in that sacred space between wake and dream world.
I can feel the delicate silk of my wings, how they flutter against the winds.
I found myself holding the sunflower gently in my hands, its petals were so bright, shimmering gold, it's sweet scent, I inhaled in my breath, I saw the seeds it carries, its future.

The ground under my body was shaking, my body vibrating from waves of the heavy artillery approaching, the sounds of shelling deafening my ears. With my back turned to war, its violent encroachment and destruction closing in; I held that sunflower, its seeds, its future.

My butterfly tears fell like gentle kisses on each petal. My soul weeps.
I opened my burning wings, and encapsulated the flower with my body.

This is the Price of War.  

Acrylic and ink on paper, 14 " x 17 " inches

Shipped from: Barrie, Ontario
Artist: Vanessa Willow Giiniw-Ikwe