Sam Bighetty

"The Spiritual Journey Within" Book with Drawings + 1 Original Drawing (Reconciliation)

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1 Book + 1 Original Drawing.

Artist Sam Bighetty's black ink drawings were created to accompany 18 short stories for the book, "The Spiritual Journey Within the Four Directions of Reconciliation." (a copy of the book will be included with each order.)

Sam will recreate the original drawing of your choice for each order. Created on 11"x14" acid free art paper, using black ink, giving you a one of a kind drawing that falls in line with reconciliation and honouring the agreements we live under.

Each drawing captures concepts and ideas from Author Joey Podlubny's stories about his own personal journey of reconciliation. A journey in discovering the love, care, and respect that is needed to walk down this road together in true partnership.

Stories: Gaining Trust, First Sweat, Stand Off, Wolf Spirit, Wolf Spirit Guide, Raven Spirit, Test of Mortality, Horse Spirit, Bad Mosquito,The Argument, Messages From Rocks, Eagle Feathers, Little People, Fairfax Lake, Message From Grandfathers, I Know, Lake Spirit, Creation Spirit.

Images will be created on acid free art 11x14 inch art paper using black ink. The book is 6x9 inches, 114 pgs, printed in Canada.

There are 21 Sam's drawings in this book.

Check out the video from CTV Calgary featuring Author Joey Podlubny and artists Sam Bighetty and Ian Kroll - Calgary artists collaborate to create series of paintings focused on reconciliation.

Shipped from: Calgary, Canada
Artist: Sam Bighetty