PR Specialist / Spokesperson for Indigene Arts (Part-time)

Indigene Arts is looking for an amazing PR Specialist /Spokesperson to help us  promote our Vision and Mission through various channels - social media, TV, radio, offline events. 

The Spokesperson would be able to translate complex topics, delve into current indigenous articles, while framing the questions and answers to our global audience, communicating compelling and informative stories and building relationships and the brand of Indigene Arts. 

Be part of a global successful story from the grassroots!

  • Report to CMO
  • Set up public appearances
  • Handle PR-related conflicts
  • Keep the public updated on vital Indigene Arts updates 
  • Handle all PR related emails, phone calls, letters and press releases
  • Write speaker speeches or notes
  • Provide advice on how they should handle advertisements, company programs and information
  • Provide training to all levels on the proper ways to address the media
  • Provide strategies to promote and demonstrate new company products and services to the public or investors
  • Be prepared to present a slideshow or any other kind of representation for the company
  • Be a positive representative of Indigene Arts as required, including but not limited to attendance at important functions, meetings, media outreach and events
  • Be a strong advocate for the social impact of Indigene Arts as it relates to new economic opportunity and preservations of Indigenous cultures in Canada and around the world

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