Art Andina, Traditional Andean Crafts from Indigenous Communities (Ecuador)


The idea behind Art Andina came from the desire to develop my passion for design while showcasing the crafts of the Andes, land of my maternal origins. Paired with the desire to reconcile my new family life and our passion for travel, I embarked on this adventure.

I flew to my homeland Ecuador to realize the project. There, I went to the indigenous community of Otavalo, known for its textile crafts. Indeed, these artisans have perfected the traditional Inca art of weaving for over a century.
Through my meetings with the Otavalos and our new projects, Art Andina was born.

Our vision is to create a brand of products from exceptional materials and the ancestral craftsmanship of native communities throughout Latin America.

In short, highlight Andean crafts by incorporating them into our modern day life. Thus, our products emphasize the iconography of the Inca people, its symbols and beliefs. By knowing the origin and story behind the articles, we want you to discover this culture and help develop a fair-trade initiative.



My desire is to transfer my passion for a design that is fair trade, handmade and authentic.

~Alexandra Bourque-Alvear,
Founder of Art Andina, Montreal (Canada)

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