Why Do We Need An Indigenous Marketplace?


    Nothing like this exists.
    A dedicated marketplace for Indigenous products from around the world that will be fueled by a community of passionate enthusiasts and supporters of Indigenous culture.
    Indigenous products are quite rare, unique and come with a story, increasing their value to potential buyers.


    We ensure that only genuine Indigenous products are sold on this marketplace to establish trust with both buyers and sellers.


    All Indigenous artists from around the world can join.


    Create new economic opportunities & positive impact for individual sellers that will inspire others, and new generations, to sell successfully online.
    A portion of the proceeds could also support Indigenous charities and organizations that help local communities with their infrastructure and to preserve their culture. 


    Preservation of culture, including artistic skills, language and history.
    This marketplace would not just sell Indigenous products, it would provide experience and a chance for people to learn about the artists, their land and their culture.

  • GLOBAL  

    Give a voice to indigenous communities around the world, from small and isolated, to large and more developed.


    Marketplace acts as a channel for indigenous communities around the world to have a stronger online presence & to offer support to sellers.

    Everything on this marketplace, from communication to visuals and user experience would be tailored to the audience that has an interest in Indigenous products and Indigenous culture. (not a generic marketplace)



    We just launched this site in November 2019.
    Get Involved and Let's Work Together on Promoting Stunning Indigenous Products to the World!

    Artists & Crafters

    Advisors & Supporters 

    Partners & Collaborators

    We are looking for Indigenous Artists and Crafters from around the world to showcase and sell their work on our marketplace dedicated to authentic Indigenous products. 

    If you are a community leader and an advocate for promoting and preserving Indigenous culture, knowledge and traditions, we'd love to hear from you. We are looking for partnerships/collaborations with Indigenous organizations around the world that would be interested in working with us in building and supporting an Indigenous Arts Marketplace.