Lina Maria Lepine, Colombian / Canadian Indigenous Jewelry Maker, Toronto (Canada)



Lina Maria Lepine is a talented jewelry maker from Colombia who creates stunning Colombian and Canadian Indigenous Beaded Jewelry.   

In Lina's words - "Here you will find authentic handmade Colombian and Canadian Indigenous beaded jewelry. All the pieces are unique because of their styles and/or colors. I love making personalized pieces because I can help my clients to find or/and strengthen their connection with their culture and country. In every piece you can see all the amazing colors from our beautiful Colombian landscape, as well as the precious sacred animals that represent our spirit.

I also love to help my people by bringing some of their work and give them some exposure; at the same time I help them financially by buying their products. I am working with an artist from Putumayo Inga community, they are located on the south side of Colombia."

Lina Maria lives and works in Toronto with her husband George Lepine, who also creates Indigenous jewelry, as well as Native Canadian apparel and accessories. 

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