Sellers FAQs


What can I sell on this Site? We accept authentic Indigenous Art & Craft from around the world - paintings, carvings, sculpture, clothing, accessories, musical instruments, ornaments and much more. 
You can't sell elephant's tusks. It's illegal.
Do you accept re-sellers? Yes, though we will review each case to make sure that the artists are actually being paid properly and are not forced to sell their items for cheap to re-sellers.


What are your fees? Currently, there are no fees for posting your products on our site. We promote all products from this site through paid advertising campaigns and take 30% commission on sales. 
Will there be fees later? 

We are going to consult with sellers about our fees to make sure that we come up and implement a pricing structure that's fair and works for everyone.  

There are some hard costs associated with maintaining the marketplace, offering customer service and running marketing campaigns. We need to find a funding model that will allow us to run a successful marketplace, while making it affordable and sustainable for our sellers.


How is shipping calculated on my items?
  • We use 3rd party services that calculate shipping charges automatically, based on buyer's location and preferences. Buyer is then required to pay shipping amount and seller will have to ship their items, after they receive the full amount.
  • For artists selling from Canada, we set Canada Post Expedited Parcel as the shipping method.
  • For International artists selling from overseas, we are in the process of setting up standardized rate. The rates are dependent on a case by case basis via the carrier, what country their coming from and going to, the weight and dimensions, etc.
Can I ship carvings on mammoth's tusks or deer's antlers? There are no restrictions on shipping mammoth's tusks or deer's antlers.  

The only thing is customs want to make sure it is not elephant's tusk (which is illegal). So the artist has to provide a certificate. It might look different in different countries. 

Here is an example of a certificate from Russia.