Sam Bighetty

Love, Eagle, Fluorescent Glowing Painting, Acrylic on Canvas

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Acrylic on Canvas
This painting is a collaboration between two artists, Sam Bighetty and Ian Kroll.

Ian Kroll, who was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis nearly 20 years ago, creates abstract images by pouring acrylic paint. He creates abstract backgrounds that Sam then paints atop. 

This is a large painting easily visible across a room. Because of the acrylic pour, the painting glows if you shine light on it. 
The creation of some of this painting was captured on video: Creating The “Love” Painting

On the photos you'll see the same painting illuminated with regular light, with UV light or just glowing in the dark without any illumination. 

Check out video from CTV Calgary featuring Sam and Ian's work - Artists find inspiration in each other’s work after Drop-In Centre art program shutters.

Another video from CTV Calgary featuring Sam and Ian - Calgary artists collaborate to create series of paintings focused on reconciliation.

Size: 24" x 36"

Only 1 available. This cannot be recreated. 
Shipped from: Calgary, Canada
Artist: Sam Bighetty