COO of Indigene Arts (Part-time)

Indigene Arts is seeking a dynamic leader to help foster a success orientated, culturally appropriate, accountable environment that supports the future growth of our business. As the COO of Indigene Arts will be responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations, while using their experience and leadership abilities to develop a strong organization that is reflective of our mission and vision. 
  • Reports to the CEO
  • Assist executive team members in creating, growing and building a global indigenous marketplace.
  • Partner with Head of Sales to achieve favorable financial results with respect to sales, profitability, cash flow, reporting and controls.
  • Provide accurate and timely reports outlining the operational condition of the company
  • Forge strategic partnerships and relationships with clients, vendors, banks, investors and all other professional business relationships.
  • Put into effect policies that promote the company culture in keeping with a joint vision and mission that is aligned with the Board of Directors and advisors.
  • Carry out a go-forward strategy to make Indigene Arts a majority Indigenous-owned, and operated, business.
  • Avail your contacts to raise capital and partnerships as required and execute a plan to ensure that IndigeneArts is best positioned for financial success.
  • Carry out the prioritization of appropriate connections to help obtain Indigenous endorsement from existing organizations and companies that stand to benefit from Indigene Arts. This is including but not limited to key arts contacts, other indigenous and non-indigenous cultural entities and indigenous cultural and political leadership.
  • Aid in onboard additional key hires to grow the company operations for eventual self-sustainability.
  • Represent Indigene Arts as required, including but not limited to attendance at important functions, meetings, media outreach and events.
  • Work closely with the Board of Directors and Advisory Group to mitigate risk related to indigenous cultures, such as ensuring authenticity and overcoming/avoiding potential issues.
  • Work closely with the Board of Directors on inclusive hiring practices and high level input once a formal HR department is created.
  • Execute a quality control system to ensure key functional departments are operating efficiently and effectively.
  • Oversee operations of the company and work with the Executives and Board of Directors.
  • Be a strong advocate for the social impact of Indigene Arts as it relates to new economic opportunity and preservations of cultures.
  • Start part-time and transition to a full-time role.

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