Information for Sellers

The focus of this marketplace is to start with Indigenous Arts for sale, which will expand over time to more broadly promote Indigenous culture including consumables, music, destination travel and more - making it a go-to Marketplace for “everything Indigenous”.  

If you are an Indigenous artist, organization or company producing or promoting authentic Indigenous products and would be interested in showcasing your products on our site, we'd love to hear from you.  

Apply for a Seller (Vendor) Account

(Email your application to us. Your answers can be in a Word doc or in the email. Format doesn't matter, as long as we get your information)

How It Works 

  • Currently, there are no fees associated with posting your products on our site. 
  • We'll do all setup work for you - you just need to send us your product photos, prices and descriptions, as well as your bio and your photo.
  • We are looking for exceptional products - unique high-quality Indigenous art and crafts; products with the stunning high-resolution images; products that you can ship worldwide.

  • We promote all products from this site through paid advertising campaigns and take 30% commission on sales. We pay all upfront marketing costs to advertise your products and we only get paid when you get paid. Learn more about our Sales Boost Program (same as on iCraft marketplace)

  • When your products are sold on this site, we'll let you know where you should ship them. 
  • Your money will be transferred to you through PayPal, eTransfer or through other channels as soon as we receive payments. 

Approval process for a Vendor (Artist), Canada & International

The vendor approval process is necessary to ensure that Vendor (artists) have met all of the membership criteria and that their product(s) are genuine indigenous products

Vendor (artist) must ensure that they have submitted any and all requested  documentation and effectively accommodate  all questions within their  application  openly and honestly.

The next step is that the Board of Indigenous Advisors of Indigene Arts will review all information submitted by the vendor (artist) and apply all Indigene Arts policies. The board will deliberate any entry within a short time frame   when a vendor’s application has entered the review process. 

The Board of Indigenous Advisors will conduct a review of the online marketplace from time to time to ensure that all items sold on the marketplace are within the policy guidelines. If your item(s) is ever  questioned in regards to various concerns (e.g. genuine, authenticity, non-indigenous manufacturer, etc.) and has been brought to the attention of the Board of Indigenous Advisors, they in-turn will investigate any issues to determine that the product  actually meets all required guidelines.

Vendor (artist) will be notified on what and why and the item will be removed. 

Indigene Arts reserves the right to decide what may or may not be sold on our website. 

Indigene Arts remain a strong supporter and advocate for Indigenous artists and guarantee to all buyers and customers that each product and artist are genuine. Please see our “Prohibited Items” policy to determine if your product is right for the Indigene Arts Marketplace.

Key Benefits:

  • Focus on Indigenous Art
    This marketplace will feature only Indigenous products from around the world, so your unique items will be in a good company and will not get drowned by mass-produced items.

  • Authentic Products
    We are committed to building a trusted marketplace for Authentic Indigenous products that supports fair trade.
    Our partner organizations will be helping us with authentication of people and products. 
    Also, we personally know each artist whose products we sell.
  • Personalized Customer Service
    We work with each artist to help them create best online presence for their products, starting with digitizing their products to writing compelling product descriptions. 

  • Global Audience
    Artists will be able to showcase and sell their unique products to global audience of potential buyers that appreciate Indigenous Art & Crafts. 
  • Consultations
    We partnered with an Indigenous Center in Toronto and started consultations with the Indigenous artists and crafters about the new marketplace development. This means this marketplace is being built with direct input from Indigenous artists, like you.

    Apply for a Seller (Vendor) Account

    (Email your application to us. Your answers can be in a Word doc or in the email. Format doesn't matter, as long as we get your information)

    Please also refer to our Seller Terms & Conditions

    Contact us if you have any questions

    Check Sellers FAQs

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