Hayden Haynes

"Tadodaho" Carving on Elk Antler (Commission)

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*** Commission - I can create something similar

In an effort to stop the warring and establish peace among the Iroquois the "Peacemaker" had to convince an evil and very powerful man (Tadodaho) to ally for this cause. Without him joining, the Peacemakers quest to establish peace would be fruitless. When the Peacemaker was finally able to convince him to cease his evil ways it is said that he "combed the snakes" from Tadodahos hair and his evil mind was turned good. The end result was that they were able to establish what today is often referred to as the "Iroquois Confederacy" or the "Five Nations" (later the "Six Nations" after Tuscarora joined). Afterwards, the "Great Law of Peace" was established. 

For joining the cause, Tadodaho was given title as the Grand Chief of the Haudenosuanee Nations. Today, the title of "Tadodaho" still exists and the chief is always from the Onondaga nation. 

The wampum belt on this piece is referred to as the "Tadodaho" wampum belt and it is meant as a record of the event of Tadodaho joining the cause for peace and to remind the chiefs of the Haudenosuanee Nations of their responsibilities. 

The wampum belt on this piece is coming out from a representation of an Iroquois clay pipe. Pipes such as this were common centuries ago. The pipe is to represent negotiations, peace and thinking. 

The tattoos on his face are taken from recorded illustrations from earlier centuries that were common designs. Since Tadodaho was originally an evil man, some of these tattoos on the face here represent wounds he suffered in battle as well as kills. 

  • From the longest point this piece measures approximately 18 inches tall and 14 inches wide. 
  • Materials: Elk antler with oak base. 
  • Weight: 10 lbs 

Shipped from: Perrysburg, New York (US)
Artist: Hayden Haynes