Hayden Haynes

"To and Fro in 2020" Artwork

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“To and Fro in 2020” depicts how I’ve felt over this entire year going from home to my day job and vice versa. Like most people I switched to remote work for some of the time. But then as I had to physically go into work more often, I found myself feeling tangled up with my: work laptop, my personal laptop, personal phone, work cell, headphones, webcams and all the chargers for each of these devices. Upon arrival to either work or home, it was constant unloading the backpack of all these things and re-setting up my portable office over and over again. I did this daily and still do. That’s why on this piece, there is a charging cord wrapped around the figures neck and around the body, almost a suffocating feeling sometimes. The top portion is obviously made of charging blocks and related cables. The legs are antler, I went with polka dot shorts just because I though it was a little funny. The bottom legs are my new design, “Zig Zag Man”, which is based on how I feel about my work sometimes. My work is more consistently zigging and zagging away from the normal Iroquois antler carving. The circular shape around the head of the figure symbolizes the sky world. I feel as artists the gifts we have come from there. So it’s best to always stay in tune with well being so you can stay connected.
The “backpack” is supposed to represent an old pack basket with sticks in it.

Height: 5 inches tall 
Shipped from: Perrysburg, New York (US)
Artist: Hayden Haynes