Communications Lead of Indigene Arts (Part-time)

Be part of a global success story! 
Indigene Arts is looking for a communication lead to help forge the way. Must be a skilled writer for a variety of platforms including web, social media, email, speeches, etc., with a focus on delivering concise information and creating engaging content for diverse audiences. Builds confidence in public education and enhances Indigene Arts’ global reputation by expertly developing and executing media relations, issues management and social media strategies. They are pivotal to Indigene Arts in working with the writers, spokespersons, Indigenous Advisors, bloggers, etc.

A communication Lead is the person responsible for planning and creating marketing and communications strategy and style guide for a company. Communication for a business includes internal and external communications, such as emails, advertisements, manuals, letters, website content and other verbal and written forms of communication.

Communications Lead will be responsible for creating, managing, and communicating content; messaging; and strengthening the communications skills and capacity of other team members.

Here are examples of responsibilities from real communications lead resumes representing typical tasks they are likely to perform in their roles.

  • Set the right tone and style (Mindset and attitude) of communication for the whole organization
  • Manage a team of writers, bloggers and marketing communication specialists
  • Have experience writing for the web, social media and promotional communication
  • Write SEO friendly and engaging content 
  • Manage all community content including forums, YouTube channels, and user generated content to drive engagement and acquisition
  • Manage communications across all channels online and offline
  • Develop templates for various social media engagements (Facebook, twitter, instagram, etc . )
  • Serve as a team administrator, maintaining user accounts, surveys, reports and resource repository.

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