Information for Buyers

Why Buy on this Marketplace?

  • There is no other marketplace that offers Indigenous products from around the world. Nothing like this exists.
  • All products are unique and a lot of them are exclusively sold on this marketplace. 
  • All products come with a story and information about the Artists and their culture, giving you the opportunity to learn about unique cultures and remote communities.
  • All products are authentic Indigenous products. No counterfeits.
  • We know all our sellers personally either through our consultations with the artists, through art and craft shows and direct artist referrals. You will be buying from people we trust.
  • You will support Indigenous Artists and their communities with every purchase.
    We are committing 10% of marketplace profits to be donated to Indigenous Charities that work on Social Impact projects. Help us preserve Indigenous culture and create sustainable online businesses for Indigenous artists around the world. 

    Learn more about about IndigeneArts Marketplace's Social Impact.

Our Policies marketplace is owned & operated by unCommonThread, a technology company based in Toronto, Canada, which also owns a marketplace for handmade Art and Crafts Because of that, a lot of the policies on this marketplace are the same as policies on

Terms & Conditions

Same as on
Privacy Policy Same as on
Product Prices Sellers price all their items. Marketplace doesn't dictate at which price products should be sold.

Feel free to get in touch with sellers directly, if contact info is provided, especially for custom orders / commissioned work.

Shipping Policy Shipping amounts will be calculated based on your location and weight of the item, and then added to the total amount at Checkout.

Please remember that you are buying from individual sellers, who can't afford to offer you Free Shipping on their items.

Returns, Exchanges & Cancellations Currently, we don't offer returns.
We can only offer exchanges. You will be required to provide us with proof of shipping for a replacement item, as well as covering the cost of shipping for both returned and new items.